As a general “manly man” I usually don’t like to use things like face scrubs or face cleansers. I’m more likely just to jump in the shower, stick some gel on a wash-cloth and get it over with. Also I’m prone to oily skin so I’m used to having a wash a couple of times a day to keep things nice.

So I was given this Dove face scrub from their “Men +Care” range,  sceptical as always I decided to give it a fair go.  Like most people I find things that say “moisturising” usually end up with your skin in either of 2 camps,  either too dry or too oily!

So I was pleasantly surprised that over a weekend of using it my skin didn’t feel too dry. I’m not sure how much “scrub” their should be in a product like this (To be honest I was expecting something like the thick rough ‘sugar soap’ mechanics use to get oil of their hands) What I actually found was a pleasant smelling paste that did lather up well, it did feel like it was scraping the skin slightly, and my skin did feel refreshed after using it.

I have noticed one very nice thing using it, after only a couple of days I’m finding that my skin is not as oily as it was (wither that’s due to the product or just the fact I’ve changed product I’m not sure), but family members have noticed that my skin is “less shiny” these past few days.

So this has definitely got a spot in my morning shower ritual.

With the winter weather and the months of parties ahead, I’m sure me and my face, with Dove’s Man +Care help, will look great.