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 At this point dear reader, I’d love to insert some flashy graphics to clarify what just happened, (Something like the book from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.) But alas I’m reduced to posting something from Wikipedia :


Vasovagal syncope occurs in response to a trigger, with a corresponding malfunction in the parts of the nervous system that regulate heart rate and blood pressure. When heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, and the resulting lack of blood to the brain causes fainting and confusion.[5]

in my case the trigger was :

Pressing upon certain places on the throat, sinuses, and eyes (also known as vagal reflex stimulation when performed clinically)

The packing they pushed into my nose to stop the bleeding cause this response…

Insert nice dream sequence here…

The next moment I was having a really great dream! It felt like I was sleeping for a good 20-30 mins till I came round to find myself laying on the ward floor with the docs holding my feet in the air asking if I was all right and saying “Don’t worry you just passed out for a second!” The first words out of my mouth were “Damm I was having this great dream” and “I like it on the floor it’s cool and comfy” (up till this point the ward had been too warm for me to get any sleep even if I could breathe through my nose properly! The cold floor was a welcome relief!)

Safely back in bed they decided to stick another IV drip into me, so that meant another cannula had to be put in on the inside of my right elbow. They took bloods from my inside left elbow, previously they had been taking it from the back of my left hand but they were running out of good places to stick me! Later that night the Docs came around to take a look. No more bleeding which was good, so they decided to wait till the morning to take out the packing from my left nostril. Again I was reminded that I was to have no food or drink for the next 12 hours or so till the decided when or if I needed surgery.

Another sleepless night lay ahead. You never realise how much crud and gunk your saliva turns into when you can’t swallow it easily. spent the night with a pitcher full of iced water and a bucket. Every 15 to 20 minuets I had to rinse my mouth out and spit into the bowl. I could not get any sleep and there is only so much you can read on Facebook on a tiny mobile screen. I did manage to watch a TV show on my mobile via my home media set-up (you rule PLEX!) but the 3G signal was not that great and my eyes were sore after squinting to see the first TV show, so I quickly gave up on that idea.

Morning finally came around. And with the routine of getting my vitals taken with the added excitement of getting a ECG reading, and pills being slowly painfully swallowed, I awaited the Docs to come by and see about taking out some of the packing. The nurse noted that my vitals were a bit off, low blood pressure but good blood oxygen levels (99-100%), also my body temp was slightly elevated again.

The Doc came around just before breakfast to take a look at my nose, he took out the packing on my left nostril and things started to bleed again. At that point I was told I was going to be rushed into Surgery immediately and he repacked my nose.

So Thursday morning I spent under the knife (well under those tiny long cameras with clippers and things on the end up my nose!) I woke up just after lunch with 2 freshly packed nostrils full of Vaseline and gauze, again their was the ever present dull throbbing pain but it was manageable. I found out that during surgery they had to give me 2 units of cross matched blood, up till this point they had just been giving me IV to keep my blood pressure up, but I had lost so much blood that the IV was not going to cut it any longer. I needed fresh blood! I later found out my blood type! Look at me! 39 years old and I didn’t know my blood type! And guess what! My body was being difficult again. My blood type made it impossible to be given O+ blood. Type specific stock of blood is usually always on the low side, since everyone usually gets O+ (Universal Donor) blood when they need a transfusion. But my blood would reject O+ blood and it might even reject the type specific blood as well. So that meant another round of finding places to stick a needle to get blood cultures to make sure my body was not going to reject the 2 units of blood put into me. But this time I awoke to find 3 cannula in me! Ones on the back of my hands and another on the inside of my right elbow! Which left the left elbow as the only point to take blood! (or my left wrist) The nurse tried to get blood from my left wrist and succeeded in only getting a thimble full, which was just enough for the tests they required Just…

The Docs came round and ordered my to stay in bed for the next 3 days at least to give my body time to recover and to make sure I didn’t reject the blood. I was still groggy from the Anaesthetic so 3 days in bed not moving felt like a really good idea!

So that was me for the next 2 days, laying in bed, my mother and Auntie visiting, Me eating my cold lunch, dinner and breakfast and peeing in a bottle (as a lazy person at heart I never was so lazy that I never got out of bed to pee, but I finally felt the joy of relieving my bladder into a bottle while still in bed! It was great!! ^_^ lol )

Saturday afternoon came around and they decided to take out the packing from my nose. They started with my left nostril, they took it out in the treatment room, it came out easily but I had the same weird painful ticklish feeling that I got when they pulled the rat tail out a few days ago, but since this was a lot longer, it went on for a while! I was relived when it was out. I could just about breathe through my left nostril for the first time in nearly a week! They told me that would come back later in an hour or so to check to see how I was and then decide wither to take the other packing out.

Later that Afternoon my mother was visiting me when the Docs came to check up on me. They decided all was well and I could get the other packing out. So I was wheeled to the treatment room where I sat down and waited for them to get things and equipment in order. Again I had the weird painful feeling of this slimy gauze being removed from my sinuses. After a few checks and spraying my nose with that terrible teasing anaesthetic, then placing small dressing patches in my nose that should dissolve in a few days they wheeled me back to my bed. They also noted that I now had a deviated septum. Since the force of the force of the packing balloons was so great it had pushed my septum way over to the left hand side. They said it should go back to normal in a few days or weeks, if not then another surgery might be required if it gets too problematic.

Still in bed I relied something uncomfortable hadn’t happened in a while. I can pass fluids but solids… well that was another matter. And after nearly a week well I really didn’t want to strain anything! So I was now on Senna tablets to make sure I didn’t need to strain and pop a blood vessel! >_<

Because I had a blood transfusion the needed to take more blood. This was the painful bit! I had more holes and needles in me than a pin cushion, and the blood didn’t want to come out. Both wrists had a cannula in them as well as my right inside elbow. Their was very few places left to stick me! The Doctor first tried the inside of my left elbow, he could not find a vain and when he did nothing came out! He tried on the side of my left elbow, trying to locate a vain that he could stick a needle into, but nope! In went the needle and the Doc wiggled it about trying to hit the vain, nothing! By this time I was sore and rather annoyed at being stuck with needles, He gave it one last go, he looked at my left wrist, located a nice big looking vain behind the thumb and “stab!” in went the needle! Again he had to wiggle it about to try and hit the vein, he hit it and nothing came out… At this point I was sore and he was loosing his confidence! (3 tries and no blood!) he took the safe option and gave up! Saying he’d get a nurse to come around later in the evening to grab the bloods. We were both relieved at this decision. Later that evening the nurse came around and after a few seconds I was again stabbed by a needle, but this time she hit the target! Blood was being slowly pulled in to the syringe. In a few hours they would know if I was OK to go home soon.

So the last couple of days were a mix of boring and paranoia, one because I had finished my book and the TV was too expensive to have on, and every time I went to the toilet I was scared more then my bladder would empty! >_< also I was a bit scared of breaking wind for the same reason. (bowels AND nose!)

Sunday came around and the docs took a look at my charts, my temp and blood pressure had been going up and down over the past few days, They played it safe and stuck my on penicillin and they wanted to keep me in till at least Monday afternoon to make sure I’m not either rejecting the blood or suffering from a post-op infection. To be honest my body temp does jump around a lot normally! (hmmm… mental note!Ask the local doctor to see if there are any test he could do on my thyroid to make sure it’s OK) Sunday night came and went, still could not sleep due to the heat in the Hospital ward, but at least I could swallow liquids and foods, so I snacked and drank soft drinks and water all night and watched a few TV shows on my phone.

Monday morning came and overnight my body temp settled to around normal and my blood pressure was in the acceptable range considering what I went through. So I got the OK and told they would let me go around dinner time, So I began to get ready, I had my first shower in a week! It was cold ( well lukewarm) but felt good to finally get the majority of the died blood off my skin and out of my hair! So feeling slightly chilly but clean I got dressed and began the long wait to be released!
Over the week their had been a few people in the ward that got let home, each went the same way. They were told in the morning they were being sent home around lunchtime and they just needed to wait for any medication they need to take home to come from the pharmacy. (you got one week worth of painkillers and then any other suitable medication as standard). Without fail every one of those patients were kept waiting till dinner time before their medication arrived. So I erred on the side of caution, It was around Lunchtime So I was about to text my mother to let her know not to bother coming up till later that evening, but my Mother and Auntie walked into the ward just as I sent the text.

So just my luck! They were their at least a few hours early So after a short visit My mum decided they would head down to the Hospital restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat and wait for me. So as they left guess what! Out of all the times the Pharmacy was late they had decided to be early today! So I was handed a big bag of meds (lots of Iron replacement tablets, 2 types of painkillers and Ibuprofen as well as my course of penicillin and a pack of senna tablets in case things get backed up again). So after rushing around packing everything away (2 bags full of clothes and junk!) I left the ward. Slowly left he ward. I was in no rush and I was feeling a bit light headed. But that was normal. My blood levels are low so I’ll get light headed very easily for the next few weeks. I did go back to the nurses station to drop off a bit tin of biscuits. I felt I had to say thanks in some way for them putting up with me and my blood going everywhere!

So now I’m back home! Taking it easy, I find myself walking a LOT slower then usual, but I can still walk a fair distance before getting tired. But I have top take it easy getting up out of bed or of the sofa! I do get the odd dizzy spell if I’ve not eaten enough that day.

So that’s the end of my “Week of Hell” Well I hope it’s the end! I still double check my nose every time it runs, terrified I see red!

Oh!I posted the picture I took of my Bathroom sink as my Halloween picture! (it was the right kind of pic for the season!) got a lot of hits on Instagram and Facebook. Now All I need to do is rest and get back to normal. I’ll have to go back up to the Hospital in a few weeks for a check up hopefully it’s not more sticking and poking me with needles, just a look up my nose!

So that’s my story, To short for NaNoWriMo, To long for a single Blog post!

I’ve a new mission now! To see if I can actually do the NaNoWriMo challenge of 50,000 word novel before December 1st I’ll need to do double the work, But I think it’s possible! I’m going to give it a go starting on Saturday the 15th which is the half way mark!


The End!