I was kindly given a discount so I could purchase the the “PONATIA 2 in 1 USB Borescope for Android and PC” for a review. My views are my own and I point readers to my “Review Deceleration” link for more information.

I was looking to pick up a bore-scope/endoscope like this for some time . So I jumped at the chance to take a look at the PONATIA 2 in 1 USB Borescope for Android and PC 2.0 MP HD Endoscope Borescope, IP67 Waterproof OTG Endoscope, Snake Tube Pipe Camera, Video Borescope (5M)

tin case

The Endoscope comes in a nice sturdy tin box that will survive being chucked into the bottom of the tool bag. Along with the endoscope you get 3 attachments (a Magnet, a Hook, a right angle mirror and a cleaning cloth. (One slight point which might have made the difference would have been to include a bag to store the wrapped cable in while inside the tin but that’s just me opinion.)
usb connecrorThe Actual Endoscope/Bore-scope has a nice “dual” USB connection. It can be a full USB connector or the tip can flip up to expose a Micro USB connector used in Android phones. This feature is a nice touch, the metal tip is very sturdy and will last a long time under constant use. The USB end also has a button to turn the LED lights at the tip of the Endoscope on and off. The USB end also lights up when powered and connected to a suitable device.

Although the camera is working perfectly under Windows and Linux, You just need to download the “Endoscope App” from one of the 2 Provided QR codes and plug in into the phone to use the endoscope. Under Windows you can download the app from the enclosed QR code and plug in the device, let it automatically install the web-cam drivers. With Linux it’s a bit more user friendly. No need to install any additional software, just plug it in and open any playback software. I use VLC generally and in that I just need to select the endoscope “web-cam” from the list of available sources and off you go!

Unfortunately my 2 different Android devices refuse to work with the camera.

One is the ”Honor 7” it’s OTG enabled and should work with the Endoscope but It just throws up an error. This might be use to low power provided by the phones micro USB port.

My Other device is a Nexus 7 (2013) it is listed as compatible, but on some forums it’s an issue with some versions of Android OS has problems with USB Webcam’s like the Endoscope in general. Unfortunately it also seems the USB connector on my Tablet is damaged and needs replacing, Something I plan to do in the very near future I’m 85% certain this is the reason I can’t get the Endoscope to work with the tablet.

led light

led light

The 5 meter length is long enough to get into the smallest of places, the 6 LED lights are bright enough to see what is ahead of it in the dark. I have used it with my Laptop to check out a few places around the the house. One being down the back of the couch. I found a USB stick I thought I lost and £2.79 in change!




The Good:

  • Long cable
  • Adequate picture quality
  • Useful accessories
  • Easy to install and use
  • Sturdy carrying tin
  • Bright LED’s

The Bad:

Fickle support for USB Webcams in android devices.
Though not the fault of the device, it is annoying that there is no clear way to see if your phone will work. You should double check and send a question to the seller to see if your phone and Android version is compatible.

The Indifferent:

The LED’s can heat up and can be worrying, but this is normal under periods of long use.

Side note:

I’ve got a few ideas of what I can do with the Bore-scope and a Raspberry-Pi or Raspberry Pi Zero, to turn it into a wireless more portable Bore-scope.