I was kindly given a discount by Cleer.us so I could purchase the Cleer DU Headphones With Dual Drivers for a review.
My views are my own and I point readers to my “Review Deceleration” link for more information.

img-DU-specificationCleer “DU” High Definition Dual-Driver Headphones, Classic with a twist of modern style, The headphones sweep slightly forward from the headband so the headband sits slightly forward on the head (that’s the most comfortable position I used while wearing them. The cups cover the ears nicely as I usually have problems with the pads sitting on the top of my ear or my earlobe. But theses did not bother me over extended periods of wearing.



In the high quality presentation box you get:
Cleer DU Headphones
Zip carrying bag
Two 1.2m long audio control cables
User manual
Quick start guide
Acoustic Certificate



The Box comes with a Zip-able bag to carry the Headphones in , with a small inside pocket to store the cable. The pouch has a nice sturdy feel without being to heavy. It also has a nice chunky Ring at the top it so the bag can be secured to a larger case. You also get a “Certificate of Acoustic Calibration” which to audiophiles will mean much more than the average person. But since these headphones are marketed to those wanting a High Definition sound it’s something they would like to have.

The cups themselves are made from high grade aluminium, this does give it a nice weight (around 320g) without being too heavy on the head. The cups have a nice 95º-100º twist, so both cups can be laid down and the cups are nicely angled to point up to your head., this position give a nice speaker setup (abet a bit on the quiet side). And I’ve been using them like that when in the house working at my desk. The headband has a nice soft leather padding and roughly measured 24.5cm and each cup can be extended by another 3cm each using a stiff but secure slide function.

The cups can be folded for storage in the accompanied bag. The folding mechanism is a stiff but not too hard to use. The construction has a very good feel and will last for a long time.

I like to note the easily replaceable Pads are a blessing. Too many headphones make it difficult to remove and replace the foam pads without taking the entire cup apart or damaging the headphones entirely. But the Cleer DU headphones have a nice secure “twist to remove” ear-pads. Replacement ear pads are not currently listed on Cleer’s website but I’m sure replacement ear-pads can be ordered if required.

Headphones in Box

Only down side is the cables provided, but this is mainly due to the diverse Android ecosystem and their reluctance to settle on a single format for headphone enhancements. With my Honor7 phone and the in-ear headphones I get the 3 button function (2 for Forward/Vol+ and Previous/Vol- and a middle button to pause/play/answer calls. The Android cable only has a single button function To pause/Play and answer/hang-up calls. But the other “iPhone” cable has the 3 buttons. (I checked the iPhone cable, the other 2 buttons do not work when used on the Android Phone.)

The sound quality is really dependent on the music source, I’ve tried it with a mix of MP3, FLAC and WAV via stored music and streaming services. To my untrained ears there is little difference, although some of the more compressed MP3 files had a slight distortion at the Bass and lower ranges. FLAC and WAV sounds were crisp and clear with a nice tone and range due to the Dual Drivers used. Again this is depending on the original audio source the files were created from, I did notice that FLAC files created from old analogue records and master tapes had a more richer deeper sound than audio files created in an all digital format which gave me a pleasant listening experience.


black-img-DU-dual-driverThe “Dual Drivers” means that both cups hold 2 speakers, One produces all the High and mid tones, the other produced the lower bass tones. This gives the headphones the ability to isolate the lower and higher sounds and boot them without affecting the other. So if like me you like a bit more Bass in your music then these can boost those frequencies without distorting the higher sounds.


So in my view the headphones provide a very good value for money. They have an excellent build quality and durable feel. The audio quality is very good, I’m no expert and my hearing is the result of a misspent youth being front row close to the amps at Rock / Heavy metal concerts in the late 80’s and early 90’s (If it’s too loud you’re too old!) But even I can notice a difference in quality between the standard in-ear headphones provided with my Mobile phone and the Cleer DU Dual Driver headphones. I have previously reviewed a set of Bluetooth headphones and swapping between them while listening to the same piece of music, you can instantly notice a difference in sound quality. The Cleer DU Dual Driver headphones are a bit more expensive, but you are paying for a great audio experience.DU-box