First off I am grateful to Avantec who sent me the Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad for the purposes of trying and posting a review.

Inside the box is the Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad in bubble-wrap and 2 rubber feet and a USB cable. The pad is nicely designed, 15 inches wide X 10 inches deep and just over 1 inch thick. Black plastic moulding has a black metal grill on top. The CP-07 Premium Cooling pad is lighter than it looks clocking in at 146g with the USB cable stowed and 116g without the cable. So it is light enough to carry around and sturdy enough to handle any laptop up to 17 inches in size.

Cooling pad image

Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad

The large white translucent 140mm fan can be seen in the middle of the pad through the grill, with the Avantec name on it. When in use it is quieter than I had imagined it would be, in the past my biggest annoyance in cooling pads (well with fans in general) were always that they were always loud and noisy when in use.

I was very surprised to find that it was very quiet while in use. Along the left side is the main controls including 2 USB sockets, you use one to power the fan and the other is free for peripherals.

Next to that is a thumb-wheel for fan control, at the lowest setting the fan is virtually silent and is barely noticeable when running at full speed.

Next to that is a small on/off switch which is used to control 4 blue LED lights on the base of the fan which is a nice touch.

Side Image

[/media-credit] Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad Side controls.

On the underside is storage for the supplied USB cable. The cable is a good 2 foot long and has 2 USB a male ends, which is used to plug in to the laptop to provide power for the fan and LED lights. The cable fits snugly in the U shape recess around the fan so you don’t lose it.

The Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad has “double folded” legs at the rear giving you 2 options to angle your laptop from the flat position. After a bit of experimenting I found that when the best angle for myself and the laptop was at the first position (middle of the 3 angles). That gives me the best angle to work with over long periods.

Adjustable legs

[/media-credit] Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad Adjustable height Legs


The pad is slightly larger than my laptop with 1cm each side. My laptop is 14 inches wide and the pad is 15 inches. I think this helps as it gives extra 0.5 inch gap each side to let the air move around the laptop.

The real test was to see it fitted in to my laptop bag. The fit was a bit snug but the laptop AND the cooler pad fitted in to the bag securely and the bag closed without putting strain or pressure to either devices.

I am going to use it with my old HP HP550 Laptop, which is a good 6 (nearly 7) years old and relativity still going strong. I’ve recently had to replace the Power pack which was starting to become a bit unusable. As well as replacing the battery. After the first 2 years of really terrible battery management I was lucky to get 20 mins from a full charge sitting on idle and an hour sitting on standby. Now with a new battery I get nearly 2 hours at idle and a week at standby! This has now made my laptop. I regularly open up the laptop and cleaned out all of that fluff that seems to gather inside computers and laptops. The heat-sink was reset and new thermal compound added 3 months ago.

OK now for the data and tests.

I’m using a “TEMPer1F” usb temperature sensor running “Temper V24.5”. The sensor itself is placed at the exhaust port of the laptop. Laptop was connected to the power supply through out the testing. (The device was calibrated using a glass of filtered water and crushed ice left sitting for 5 mins at room temperature before the probe was inserted left for 2 minutes then removed for 5 minutes. This was repeated 3 times. The readings varied from 99.2c to 100.8c.)

With my laptop sitting idle on the pad with the legs at the first position it recorded temps of around 42c (the laptops own temperature sensor recorded temps which were always 2c higher).

The video used was the rather amusing open-source animation “Big Buck Bunny – Sunflower edition”. (I used the 1080p 3d 60fps ” version to stress the CPU and GPU.)

The video is slightly under 10 minutes long so it was looped twice for each test and was a 10 minute wait between each step:

idle no fan 42c
video no fan 53c

idle fan low 38c
video fan low 50c

idle fan high 32c
video fan high 38c

As you can see when idle or low there is a 3c to 5c drop in temperatures. Under load their was a massive 15c drop in temps between the fan off/low and high. I initially expected the temperature drop to around the 10c at most so I re-ran the tests 3 times and got very constant 15c drop in results each time.

To sum up, the Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad surprised me a lot, it’s lighter, works better than expected and looks pleasing. It looks and feels like it can take being handled and moved about without braking. It is thin and light enough to slip in a standard laptop bag with your laptop without any problems. The only problem I can find with the cooler is the USB cable. Ideally I would have liked the cable to be fixed and connected to the pad internally and then be stowed underside, giving 2 free USB ports to use, but I understand it’s easier to manufacture with a separate cable, so It’s a compromise which is acceptable and would not put me off buying one.

After all is said I need to apologise in advance to Avantec for probably braking my new laptop cooler. The Blue LED lights have gotten me thinking and I’ve a spare strip of multicoloured LED lights that are screaming for me to install inside the pad for multi-colour flashing fun. that’s a project for the future, as for now I’m enjoying my cooler Laptop.


Avantec CP-07 Premium Laptop Cooler Pad

TEMPer1F USB temperature probe :

TEMPer software Version 24.5

Big Buck Bunny (c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / : bbb_sunflower_1080p_60fps_stereo_abl.mp4

Stereoscopic / 4K / 60 fps / HDRI changes
Copyright (C) 2013 Janus B. Kristensen
Some Rights Reserved. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.