OK first things first. I was given this 2.5” USB3 enclosure From Avantek to review the product.


USB3 enclosure From Avantek

2.5” USB3 enclosure From Avantek

I have been looking on and off for a new enclosure for a while now but life and other things (like paying bills) tend to get in the way. So I was very delighted to receive this enclosure to try out.

First thing I noticed was the “No frills / Frustration free” packaging (which in my opinion is a godsend). Nothing worse than having to cut open those annoying plastic blister packs or have a box full of Styrofoam packaging that you need to get rid off.

In the box was:

  • The enclosure itself,
  • A couple of instruction cards,
  • A USB3 cable,
  • A sticky foam pad.

The instruction card is clearly written and easy to follow. The drive is a snug fit and you have to be a bit forceful to seat it correctly or the case will not close properly. But the snug fit means the larger 2.5” drives won’t rattle around inside the case (like so many cheaper enclosures I own!) so if you are using a 2.5” SSD you can actually knock the drive around a bit while in use with little to no risk of loosing data. (Yup you guessed it, I moved my laptop while running a backup to the drive and a few bangs and knocks later the backup finished with no errors.)

Image of Avantek 2.5" USWB3 enclosure with Users HDD installed

[/media-credit] Avantek 2.5″ USB3 enclosure with Users HDD installed.(With Enclosure Opened)

The outside of the drive is smart and understated looking. The metal top cover adds a nice professional touch. The end of the drive has the USB3 connector, a LED light and a “lock” switch to keep the case securely closed.

The LED light flashes different colours depending on if it’s inserted into a USB 2 (white LED) or USB3 (Blue LED) port, which is a nice touch. On a personal note, the only slight down point of the drive is when it goes into sleep/standby mode, the LED flashes constantly (once a second), it might seem a small thing but personally it was a bit annoying in my room overnight. But saying that it was in my test area between testing sessions. When I am using this drive full time it would not be plugged in 24/7, so the light will not be that big an issue. (also Electrical / Duct tape will come to the rescue) 😉

To sum up the Aventek 2.5” USB3 enclosure is well made and more than up to the task. It’s smart looking and will not look out of place on any professionals desk.

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