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My current 5-year-old PC doubles as my media center, and it’s starting to show it’s age. It’s slowing down when I add new media to it and it’s time to get something a bit more different.

Anewish Z4 Android TV Box

Anewish Z4 Android TV Box

The “ANEWISH Z4 Android 5.1 Rockchip 3368 TV Box” is what I was looking for. It’s small powerful android OS based machine. It comes preloaded with “Kodi” media center and a few other apps like Facebook and Media players.
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Pour Over Coffee Maker

I have been looking out for something other than another cafetière or one use Coffee filter kits for my Sunday morning ritual of Coffee / French bread and he leftover take-away from the previous night. So I’ve amassed a few 1-cup and 3-cup cafetière, but not been able to find a good quality 2-cup version locally.

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Suaoki Aluminum Monitor Stand

I was given the “Suaoki Aluminium Monitor Stand” to try. Check my disclaimer here. 

It’s not that complicated, it’s a metal monitor stand.

It’s not that complicated, it’s a metal monitor stand.

Living in a small flat, usable working space is at a premium. Couches and Tables do double duty as Office chair and Workstation. I do have a small PC desk which I try to use. But once you have a lamp, my laptop, laptop cooler, mouse, keyboard and assorted cables and USB and Portable drives sitting on the desk, things get very cramped very quickly. So anything that gives me a few more square inches of room is very welcomed.

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Avantek “AudioMax HB-8A” Bluetooth Headphones.

AUDIOMAX HB-8A Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless On-Ear Stereo Headphones

I’m reviewing the “AudioMax HB-8A” Bluetooth Headphones.

I was kindly given a discount by Avantek so I could purchase the Headphones for a review. My views are my own and I point readers to my “Product review policy” link for more information.

My first impressions were good. The Headphones are supplied in a very nice and sturdy “Presentation / Gift” box. Once you slip of the top cover you are presented with the folded headphones with a small instruction booklet. Under the headphones you’ll find a storage bag with the AudioMax logo on it, the USB charging cable as well as a line in cable for direct audio input.

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Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad Review

First off I am grateful to Avantec who sent me the Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad for the purposes of trying and posting a review.

Inside the box is the Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad in bubble-wrap and 2 rubber feet and a USB cable. The pad is nicely designed, 15 inches wide X 10 inches deep and just over 1 inch thick. Black plastic moulding has a black metal grill on top. The CP-07 Premium Cooling pad is lighter than it looks clocking in at 146g with the USB cable stowed and 116g without the cable. So it is light enough to carry around and sturdy enough to handle any laptop up to 17 inches in size.

Cooling pad image

Avantec CP-07 Premium Cooling Pad

The large white translucent 140mm fan can be seen in the middle of the pad through the grill, with the Avantec name on it. When in use it is quieter than I had imagined it would be, in the past my biggest annoyance in cooling pads (well with fans in general) were always that they were always loud and noisy when in use.

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Dove Men +Care Face Scrub

As a general “manly man” I usually don’t like to use things like face scrubs or face cleansers. I’m more likely just to jump in the shower, stick some gel on a wash-cloth and get it over with. Also I’m prone to oily skin so I’m used to having a wash a couple of times a day to keep things nice.

So I was given this Dove face scrub from their “Men +Care” range,  sceptical as always I decided to give it a fair go.  Like most people I find things that say “moisturising” usually end up with your skin in either of 2 camps,  either too dry or too oily!

So I was pleasantly surprised that over a weekend of using it my skin didn’t feel too dry. I’m not sure how much “scrub” their should be in a product like this (To be honest I was expecting something like the thick rough ‘sugar soap’ mechanics use to get oil of their hands) What I actually found was a pleasant smelling paste that did lather up well, it did feel like it was scraping the skin slightly, and my skin did feel refreshed after using it.

I have noticed one very nice thing using it, after only a couple of days I’m finding that my skin is not as oily as it was (wither that’s due to the product or just the fact I’ve changed product I’m not sure), but family members have noticed that my skin is “less shiny” these past few days.

So this has definitely got a spot in my morning shower ritual.

With the winter weather and the months of parties ahead, I’m sure me and my face, with Dove’s Man +Care help, will look great.



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